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Mozart year 2006

Rotweingut Steschandl Poettelsdorf, Austria red wine


seit 30.11.2005




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The idea and implementation and how is the Stegschandl winery involved with the Mozart wine? Press information.

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Red wines of Pöttelsdorf in honor of W. A. Mozart

The Stegschandl winery from Pöttelsdorf in Burgenland is a family business and it is managed by Gabi and Thomas Schandl. As far as the wine production is concerned, they work together with the Domaine Pöttelsdorf in whose premises the wines are pressed.

But why and how is the Stegschandl winery involved with the Mozart wine? In 2004 I already read that the 250th birthday of W.A. Mozart will be celebrated with many events all over the world and especially in Austria. At that time I asked myself whether it is possible that there is still no Mozart wine. After doing some research I found out that a company called Mozart Distillerie in Salzburg (Mozart Likör) has the trademark right for Mozart for category 33 (alcoholic drinks) and particularly for wine, too. I thought about a concept for how to establish the Mozart wine as a premium and exclusive product. Right from the start I had the fixed idea that this wine must pay homage to W.A. Mozart. I presented this idea to Mr. Koenig at Mozart Distillerie and could obtain the trademark right for red wine via a licensing agreement.

The wines from the “Mozart 2006 homage” product line were almost exclusively offered in the upscale gastronomy and at upscale hotels. This should emphasize the high quality as well as the exclusivity of the Mozart wines.

In the Meantime the Mozart-Wine from Stegschandl is sold out. The other wines are offered in the Wine-Shop from WDP - more Information

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Mozart wine from Austria in the anniversary year 2006

On the occasion of 250th birthday of W.A. Mozart, two Austrian wineries decided to offer new wines labelled “Mozart 2006 hommage.”

The Stegschandl winery from Pöttelsdorf in Burgenland / Austria offers two wines from 2003: Blaufränkisch and Burgenland Cuvee. The Setzer winery from Hohenwart in Lower Austria launches a red Veltliner.

Only these two wineries had in this time the exclusive trademark rights and, thus, the sole right of distribution for “Mozart wines” from the Mozart Distiller GmbH Salzburg (Trademark Mozart in the class 33).


Rot-Wein-Gut Austria


Bachzeile 1

A-7023 Pöttelsdorf

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Phone: ++43 (0) 664/2114595