Mozart and Austria: Original Mozart wine Blaufränkisch (blue-frankish) und Burgenland Cuvee

Mozart 2006 "Hommage"


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  Wine Mozart Hommage Blaufränkisch 


Wine Mozart Hommage Burgenland Cuvée

Mozart 2006 Hommage


Mozart 2006 Hommage


Wine: Blaufränkisch 2003


Burgenland Cuvée 2003



18 months in traditional oak barrels matured,

strong ruby-red,

in the nose fine blackberry- cherry note,

at the palate elegantly and approximately,

versatile food companion




Blaufränkisch (blue-frankish) - Zweigelt - Cabernet Sauvignon

14 months in small oak barrels matured,

strong ruby garnet with violet reflexes,

matures the fruit of plum, tenderly tabakig, at the palate elegantly and balanced,

juicy, dark berry in the response, good length with strong Potenzial







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