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Company name: Schandl OG

Address: Bachzeile 1

Post code/city: A-7023 Pöttelsdorf

Firmenbuchnummer: 148851z

Jurisdiction: Landesgericht Eisenstadt, Burgenland, Austria

Authority according to ECG: Bezirkshauptmannschaft Mattersburg, Burgenland

Telephone: (0043) 664/2114595

Section: gastronomy, wine and spirits

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General trading conditions - AGB red wine property Stegschandl


Offer and prices: Our offer is not-binding and it applies the prices of the current offer. The prices understand themselves inclusive equipment and packing, as well as including all legal taxes and deliveries. The value added tax is proven on the calculation.


Orders: Orders are considered as accepted, if you receive a confirmation of order or a calculation from us. If expressly differently desired, we do not supply the follow-up class branchenueblich for a class possibly sold off, if it is homogeneous in price and style.


Warranty: As renowned weingut we guarantee an excellent quality of all wines offered of us. Should - against expecting if a wine to not your conceptions correspond, then we guarantee the cancelling of all unopened bottles up to six months after supply, whereby we credit or back transfer the amount to you. The bottle photos do not indicate always the current class, please take you the available class in each case to the article text.


Supply: With an order starting from 36 bottles or a purchase order value off €, - - we - within Austria - supply with carriage free to 240. Minimum delivery volume 12 bottles. For smaller orders we charge a freight charges portion of € 10, -. the order is set personally or by forwarding business. Place of delivery is Poettelsdorf. In the case of break and/or shortfalls or a supply should be in your sense, does not call you equal to us. We bring for you in order: Tel. ++43 (0) 664/2114595


Payment: The calculation is to be settled within 14 days starting from the invoice date, during excess of the date of payment charges we judicial and reminder costs out of court, as well as interests at a value of 12 % p.a. Our bank account: Raiba matte castle; BLZ: 33124; Ktnr.: 1910744


Packing units: If not differently indicated, all bottles contain 0.75 litres. Most cardboards contain 12 bottles.


Disposal: Empty bundles and cardboard should become professionally entsorgt. All packing supplied to you is ARA retired to the Gaenze of us.


Retention of title and area of jurisdiction: The commodity remains up to the complete payment property of the red wine property Stegschandl. Area of jurisdiction is matte castle. With business with consumers the court conditions apply in accordance with condition of the consumer law for the protection